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Solid State Networks

In the early days of broadband Internet, downloading of multi-gigabyte online games was an excruciating experience. We knew a thing or two about download technologies, content delivery networks (CDNs) and even game development. We also knew that it was a problem that shouldn’t have to be solved many times over by game developers, especially if it meant diverting precious development resources that from working on making a great game. We searched for every way possible to optimize the player onboarding process for the benefit of game developers, publishers, and players. Our goal was to eliminate as much of the friction that stands between the player and getting to actual gameplay as possible.

Along the way, we have had the good fortune of working with some of the industry's top game studios, as well as major software publishers, that were in need of a solution to this problem. These valuable relationships helped to drive our technology and feature roadmap. We helped our customers deploy their software applications to hundreds of millions of systems worldwide, an experience that hardened our technology and expanded our suite of test cases. We eventually stopped counting when we reached 100 billion software downloads and updates.

Today, our mission is to bring Continuous Delivery practices to developers of user installed applications through adoption of our release automation and workflow solutions. We are on our 5th generation deployment technology, with 3 solutions targeting a diverse set of use cases. Our commitment to continued innovation will allow our customers the technology they need today and the peace of mind to know our solutions will grow with them, even as technology changes and advances.

- Rick Buonincontri, CEO & founder

Leadership Team

Here is a quick introduction to the leaders of Solid State Networks:

  • Rick Buonincontri, Strategy & Product
  • Jason Eley, Projects, Process & Product
  • Steve Tucker, Technology & Development
  • Dennis Baker, IT Operations
  • Gammy Pichardo, Customer Success
  • Heather Hix, Product Adoption

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Solid State Networks
1 N. 1st. Street, Suite 654
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​Phone: (602) 889-3074

General Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 33483
Phoenix, AZ 85067

Private Carriers:
3905 N. 7th Ave
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