DIRECT 5.1.4 Released: A Veritable Cornucopia of Features

DIRECT includes many new features. This release improves the release deployment process and console tools, support for masking, ability to egress to CDN, security improvements, and conditional elevation (elevate when needed).

Here is the full list of changes:


  • Easily build and deploy your releases to a local web server or to your private S3 bucket on AWS
  • Automated egress to Akamai Netstorage using origin push from S3
  • Generate multiple concurrent delta update paths on AWS
  • Real-time analytics via MixPanel
  • Release Manager allows you to control the required releases for each repository
  • Create masks to split repositories into multiple stages, helping to get your players into the game earlier by providing a multi-stage installation
  • Secure your domains, certificates and registry paths through whitelists to secure your Launcher
  • Compile and sign launchers for both Windows and Mac OS X Operating Systems
  • Full User Interface functionality (including error messages, localization and progress bars)
  • Synchronize repositories with the master repository via HTTP (local web server or CDN)
  • Fully configure launching your game with optional file arguments, elevation settings, exit codes, error codes, warning codes, and file validation before launching
  • File system repair
  • Launcher self-update
  • Unified progress bar displays progress of all updates in a session indicated by a single progress bar
  • Conditional elevation – require elevated privileges only when an update is required
  • Crash reporting tool that reports your launcher crashes with full stack trace dumps
  • Intra-Studio respository updates – use DIRECT 5 to easily manage the repositories your artists, coders, and testers receive, utilizing block-level differencing and your internal network, favoring speed over file size.