DIRECT 5.1.8 Released: The new workflow tasks are here!

DIRECT 5.1.8 introduces new workflow tasks, various simplifications, and client-side bug fixes.
This release contains several new workflow tasks for checking directory access, redirecting urls, and reading and writing JSON and XML content. Additionally, the host containers for IE and AWK have been simplified and the crashapp executable functionality has been merged into host (reducing the need for delivering an two binaries).  Finally, bug fixes and improvements have been made to the code signing tools.


  • Added ability to run subtasks with string expanders.
  • Added jsonRead and jsonWrite tasks.
  • Added xmlRead and xmlWrite tasks.
  • Added directoryIsWritable task.
  • Added urlRedirectMacro task.
  • Added restorePointSet and restorePointRemove tasks.
  • Added verbose debug printing option for Ini, Xml, and Json tasks.
  • Fixed abort error when following read/notRead subactions in PlistRead and XmlRead.
  • Added global parameter to set scope for macro task
  • Fixed bugs launching processes and detecting error codes on Mac and Linux.
  • Added creation of linux shortcuts.

Macro Changes

  • Modified {UserAppData}to point to ~/Library/Application Support/ on Mac.
  • Modified {AdminTemp}to point to C:\Windows\Temp\ on Windows.

Host Changes

  • Fixed bug not being able to read 64-bit executable file details.
  • Fixed MachO headers not loading correctly during validation.
  • Modified application menu to support expandable strings on Mac.
  • Rewrote the XML parser.
  • Removed offscreen rendering for IE and AWK to fix various bugs.
  • Renamed config option crashServerHost to crashServerUrl.
  • Moved crashapp functionality into host (no longer need separate executable).
  • Modified app.setRestart to not automatically restart. Instead it will act as flag, and app.closeAllWindows can be called independently. Simplifies restart flow.
  • Exposed SkinFileExtract Javascript class.
  • Changed registry key whitelist comparison so it is case-insensitive.
  • Added support for specifying the minimum version of IE in app config.
  • Fixed issues exiting after closing from a taskbar on Linux.

Release Console

  • Added symbolic link support

Signer Console

  • Fixed code resources not creating requirements properly for code signed with an apple developer certificate.
  • Fixed SHA1 must be first in the list in order for XP to show Digital Signatures tab in file explorer.
  • Fixed loading PKCS12 certificates that contain more than one root certificate.
  • Fixed multiple loading of certificates from signed DMGs.
  • Updates to support symbolic links.

Builder Console

  • Fixed ability to create .app on drive other than c:.

Skin Changes

  • Fixed script error dialog on IE8 when selecting performance graph.
  • Added stateNavigate javascript task.
  • Added skinFileExtract javascript task.
  • Fixed shutdown task not completing and causing error to show.
  • Fixed unable to click and drag UI in certain instances.
  • Add ability for macros to be passed to workflow before the load task is started