DIRECT 5.1.9 Released: New Analytics and Origin Service Management

DIRECT introduces our new analytics system and the Origin Service Management Console.

This release also contains improvements to the interop interface, the ability to add checkmarks on context menus, tray icon support on Ubuntu, OAuth support and skin example, a new fast verify or quick scan of repositories workflow task, and support for accelerated s3 and dual stack endpoints in the console tools.Read on for a full list of features and fixes:​


  • Stability and performance improvements on Mac and Linux
  • Fixed process exit code retrieval on Linux when process closes too quickly
  • Fixed unable to load library after self-patch, after restart.
  • Fixed super slow elevated host on mac and closing host with enabled WebKit.
  • Fixed rare crash when shutting down.
  • TLS1 supported ciphers are configurable.
  • Added ability to set checks on context menus
  • Added tray icon support on Ubuntu
  • Fixed crash reporting on Mac and Windows
  • Removed need for runelevated process on Linux
  • Added support for resource rewriting for CEF to support OAuth.
  • Added option to kill other instances when only single instance is allowed.
  • Added skinWindow.load javascript function to notify app when skin is loaded for apps that minimize to tray.
  • Modified interop interface to use a Dictionary instead of a JSON string for easier parsing of invoke information.


  • All – Fixed repair and launch buttons disappearing after repair.
  • All – Added mixpanel JS to code by default
  • All – Added ES6 shim and removed some JS helper functions from host.js.
  • All – Minor cosmetic changes
  • Launcher – Added client certificate example
  • Launcher – Added support for OAuth login with helloJS.
  • Launcher – Reworked the footer bar changed icons to use font-awesome.
  • Launcher, Downloader – Added max download speed submenu to context menu
  • Installer – Added system requirements check workflow.
  • Installer – Append product name to user-select installation folder.
  • Installer – Added erasing of repository upon uninstall.
  • Installer – Fixed retry button not working.
  • Branch – Fixed update intervals not restarting after initial action and various update issues.
  • Branch – Added support for triggering check for update manually.
  • Branch – Added ability to reload the library.


  • Fixed jsonWrite not being written with root dictionary when json file does not exist.
  • Fixed repositoryErase not erasing subdirectories and not shutting down properly.
  • Fixed multiple workflows not shutting down properly.
  • Fixed loading of authenticateJson argument in workflowRun and download task.
  • Added authentication to aggregate task.
  • Added ability to specify content as a JSON string in aggregate task.
  • Added ability to specify a target task if the url JSON object contains arguments and not a list of tasks in aggregate task.
  • Added fast verify or quick scan repositoryFileCheck task that checks file headers instead of local piece integrity.
  • Fixed issues with the programIsOpen task not returning correct values.
  • Moved shutdown, implode, and skinFileExtract tasks into workflow engine.
  • Added certificatePath to WebGetConnection.ClientCertificateResponse notification.
  • Pieces written added to repository status notification.
  • Added ability to cancel remote workflow through notifications.
  • Added analytics task to extend the data that is sent on each analytics request sent.


  • All – Print version number in help.
  • Release – Added support for accelerated s3 and dual stack endpoints.
  • Signer – Fixed intermittently failing to sign dylib.
  • MetaFile – Generate file offsets when loading metafile so masking works properly.
  • MetaFile – Fixed mask add iterating whole metafile instead of just found files.

Known Issues

  • Console – Error when using comodo or starfield timestamping services
  • macOS – Unable to expand keys read from plistRead task
  • macOS – Expandable string CommonAppData expands incorrectly
  • macOS – Expandable string SystemDirectory expands incorrectly
  • macOS – Compiled clients are not ignoring –disablesecurity argument
  • macOS – Elevated client allows OS to sleep during sync
  • Branch Manager skin shows error when application is not installed