DIRECT 5.1.10 Released: Making it Up in Volume

DIRECT 5.1.10 is a bug-fixing release for client-side and UI issues with along with a lot of new minor things.  This release includes a new hash macro, client-side functions for triggering analytics events and loading/unloading interops, FTP support for the metafile and release console tools, and simplification of skins using the FontAwesome library for displaying icons. And that is pretty much it - but we have major things in store for DIRECT 5.2, which is coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Check out the list below for details on 5.1.10:


  • Fixed CommonAppData and SystemDirectory macros on macOS.
  • Don’t create directory when shallow copying.
  • Remove edit box from browse for folder dialog.
  • Added HMAC string expansion for any hash algorithm.
  • Fixed HMAC aglorithms for MD2, MD4, SHA224, SHA384, SHA512, CRC32.
  • Added hash macro.
  • Added SHA256 string expansion.
  • Fixed CRC macro not being case sensitive.
  • Change CRC macro to print a hex string
  • Fixed random macro outputting 119 characters.
  • Allow pathJoin macro to accept more than two path fragments.
  • Fixed registry values on mac not returned null-terminated
  • Fixed 64-bit casting corruption in TLS stack
  • Fixed various issues related to symbolic links
  • Fixed unable to unzip archive containing filenames with spaces created in macOS
  • Remove code for shortcuts on mac since mac doesn’t support shortcuts
  • Fixed content encoding error when empty value returned in web request.
  • Implement auto sending of crash dumps.

Core – Analytics

  • Fixed not merging analytics dictionary properly.
  • Print last http code if failing to send analytics events
  • Fixed extended analytics not being sent to elevated workflow process.


  • Fixed httpRequest JS class header callback return value
  • Turned off internal web server caching
  • Fixed DPI scaling when greater than 100 on Windows.
  • Fixed non-borderless IE windows don’t initially render in proper space.
  • Expand window title string after localization
  • Fixed macOS clients not ignoring –disablesecurity argument.
  • Fixed cannot load skin by using –skin without using –disablesecurity.
  • Fix bugs in reading from skin files and rename js functions for consistency
  • Added loadInterop and unloadInterop JS functions.
  • Removed jQuery dependency from host JS.
  • Added error message if can’t load cef library
  • Override console.assert and print to debug log.
  • Added message to invalid application version check.
  • Removed mixPanel JS class
  • Added verbose statement when killing another instance.
  • Expose JS function to extend global analytics dictionary.


  • Fixed path slash bug in programOpen task.
  • Fixed incorrect progress bar on restorePointSet task
  • Removed restorePointRemove task.
  • Renamed restorePointSet task to restorePoint
  • Fixed unable to read plistRead values.
  • Added support for cancelled subaction.
  • Added support for stallTimeout argument in repositoryCheck and repositorySync tasks
  • Added reportProgress option to msi task
  • Close file when loading config from file

Workflow API

  • Updated Node example to use dynamic library bindings


  • All – Wrap, console.warn and console.error so they print messages to debug log in IE.
  • All – Only translate platform error if webGetError.OS.
  • All – Fixed JS error when skinWindow is unloaded
  • All – Fixed close button in context menu not showing on windows
  • All – Add labels to performance graphs y-axis.
  • All – Fixed complete message not showing properly.
  • All – Removed images in favor of icons.
  • All – Changed performance charts to show 30 seconds
  • All – Prevent machine from sleeping during important tasks.
  • All – Added analytics host to whitelist.
  • All – Allow cancel when in repository stalled state.
  • All – Disabled zoom.
  • All – Add ApplicationStart and ApplicationStop analytics events.
  • Branch – Fixed error shown if product is not installed.
  • Installer – Fixed user selected directory not being used on installer skin on mac.
  • Installer – Fixed duplicate task name in prerequisite workflow
  • Installer – Fixed creating shortcuts status message briefly displays despite user not selecting shortcuts
  • Installer – Added cancel button when in stalled state.
  • Installer, Updater – Make installer screens configurable in app config.
  • Downloader – Added header image
  • Launcher – Only restart on self-update if successful.
  • Launcher – Added whitelist registry keys for self-update
  • Launcher – Added support for oauth display page
  • Launcher – Fixed header gradient on IE9

Console Tools

  • All – Fixed file boundary issue w/ symlink and zero length files.
  • All – Add directory attribute for symlinks.
  • All – Added support for recursive symlinks while checking if file exists.
  • All – Fixed file saving directory creation on posix platforms.
  • Signer – Fixed error when using comodo or starfield timestamping services
  • MetaFile, Release – Added support for FTP into the metafile and release consoles.