Electronic Software Delivery Made Easy

A download manager solution for electronic software delivery that does everything you need it to do can be hard to find (and even harder to build yourself). It can be especially tough to find one that’s practical and easy to use in your day-to-day business.

And while you want it to be easy to use, realistically, you need the DLM solution to be sophisticated enough to handle your particular business requirements:

  • Secure and reliable delivery.
  • Versatile to meet business needs now and in the future.
  • Compatible across multiple platforms.
  • Able to handle various proxy environments.

Change the way you deliver your digital content with DirectDLM.

Get to market faster

With the use of a download manager, you’re able to deliver your digital content to your customers faster than ever–no more waiting on disks! Your customers are able to purchase, download and use your software in a matter of minutes (not days) and at a fraction of the cost of making and shipping physical media.

Ensure that the user experience meets your customer’s high expectations.
Your customers will connect their experience with your brand, so give them a simple process that transparently corrects errors that may occur along the way.

Scale to handle demand spikes

Digital delivery with a download manager, backed with the industry leading CDNs, allows you to handle demand spikes when and where they happen so you can fulfill your customers’ needs in an instant. They get what they want and become satisfied customers.

Gain visibility into your customer behavior

Automatically collect data from your global content delivery and gain insight into customer behavior so you can continue provide an experience that meets their expectations.

Extend the brand you’ve worked so hard to build

Maintain your brand integrity by using a download manager that you can customize. Create a look and feel so your customers get a familiar experience every time they download something from you.

Enterprise class that’s easy to use

DirectDLM Studio is an easy-to-use web application that can be deployed for a wide range of enterprise use cases. With it, you can provide instant access to your software for any type of audience–inside or outside of your company. It doesn’t matter if you are a B2B or B2C company because you can deploy it to anyone with ease.

In fact, because it’s so easy to build and customize download managers with DirectDLM Studio, you can use it for a variety of use cases beyond just delivering your licensed software. For example:

  • Deliver demo software to your prospects for evaluations.
  • Create DLMs specifically for promotions and incorporate them in your marketing campaigns.
  • Deliver large content objects to your customers, vendors, partners, or employees as needed.

Ultimately, you want a stable, full-featured enterprise download manager solution that works on multiple platforms and can deliver any digital content across the globe. The DirectDLM Studio web application provides all that and more. You simply bring the content and DirectDLM Studio does the rest. It’s the very same proven download manager technology that big software companies have been trusting for more than ten years to deliver billions of downloads on Windows and Mac operating systems.

DirectDLM Studio makes it easy for anyone in your organization to create and manage a digital library. No technical knowledge is necessary–DirectDLM Studio handles all the heavy lifting.