Friction drives your players away

If your download manager or game patching process cause too much friction, you risk losing players.

Some new players may abandon your game simply if it's a pain for them to download.  Associating your game with a bad download experience can be a costly mistake that you don't want to make

Your updates and game patching also present the potential to lose players because of friction.  If the business model of your game relies on regular content updates, but your game patching process is painful, players may abandon your game based on a poor user experience. ​

Friction can hurt your revenue in other ways, too:

  1. Your returning players have less time to play. Less playing time may reduce your game's revenue.
  2. Some returning players may prematurely abandon the game out of frustration when updates are long or cause play-ability issues. ​

​​​Poor download and patching experiences are only two of the many points of friction your players may encounter while acquiring your game.  Here are some of the other causes of friction that will have a direct impact on your player acquisition and retention efforts:

  • Clicks
  • System dependencies
  • Download times
  • System, network and user errors
  • Data corruption
  • Excessive system resource consumption
  • Confusing user experience
  • Anti-virus program interference
  • Frequent and lengthy content update​

We invite you to learn more about game deployment issues and ways to resolve them: