Solid State Networks Announces Agreement with TimefireVR to Implement DIRECT 5 in Virtual Reality Platform Hypatia

Phoenix, AZ – March 13, 2017 – Solid State Networks today announced an agreement with TimefireVR Inc. (OTCQB: TFVR) to implement newly released DIRECT 5 for Release Automation to accelerate the last-mile deployment of Hypatia, TimefireVR’s new title currently in alpha.

"TimefireVR is a company about to release its first major VR platform, Hypatia,” said Jeffrey Rassás, Co-Founder and CEO. “Distribution is of major importance for our successful roll-out. Solid State’s deep expertise in content delivery has impressed us along with their breadth of knowledge and their successes in working with top AAA and independent studios. We require a solution that is cost effective while offering our customers the best possible download and install experience. Working with the founder of Solid State and his amazing team affords us an elegant release automation solution and has saved us countless development hours and capital.”

“Before DIRECT for Release Automation, VR and gaming companies were left to build their own last-mile deployment solution which diverts valuable resources away from other ways of making their VR experiences and games more successful,” said Rick Buonincontri, Solid State Networks’ CEO and Founder.

“Why build what you can buy?” Buonincontri said. “DIRECT saves time, money and the hassle of building and maintaining your own solution. Plus it’s better, faster and more cost-effective.”

Founder and President of TimefireVR, John Wise, said, “DIRECT 5 will enhance the consumer experience during the on-boarding process. Working in a developing industry such as VR where implementation by the consumer can already be a daunting task, everything we can do to ease that transition is a requirement in our offering. DIRECT 5 gives us a deployment workflow built on years of game distribution experience where speed and ease of access have been a driving passion of Rick and his company.”

John Wise continued, “Not only does Solid State offer great partners in their agreements with Amazon’s AWS and Akamai’s cloud services, but they complement our future by allowing DIRECT 5 to work with Valve’s Steam Network where we will also be distributing our title.”


About Solid State Networks

Solid State Networks (SSN) was founded over a decade ago with a mission to help game studios solve the challenges of speeding up digital distribution. Our game deployment middleware is used by many AAA and leading independent studios, and we have worked closely with them to develop DIRECT for Release Automation, a DevOps solution that accelerates the last mile deployment pipeline. What sets SSN apart is our extensive experience supporting game development and technology that has been continually improved while managing over 10 billion digital downloads of online games and software for consumers and enterprise users. For more information please visit