The True Cost of DIY Deployment for Online Games

Trying to find a commercially viable game patching solution or a download manager that’s built for your type of game isn’t necessarily easy. Typically, game makers must roll their own solutions, but with that come the risks associated with most technology projects:

  • Time-to-market
  • Development costs
  • Unknown, hidden and misunderstood requirements
  • Competing priorities
  • Ongoing troubleshooting, maintenance and updates
  • Extensive testing cycles

Building your game to be the best it can be is your focus, which means things like download managers, custom launchers, and game patching software are probably not your highest priorities. . .until they become a problem.

The high cost of doing it wrong is ultimately the biggest risk when it comes to deciding whether to buy it or build it. If your game deployment mechanisms fail to give your potential players a frictionless experience, you stand to lose them.

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