monthly archives: April 2019

DIRECT addresses many workflow and client issues.  This is expected to be the final release of 5.1.x.  Next up is DIRECT 5.2 with many new and interesting features and capabilities!


  • Added urlWithoutQuery, urlWithoutFragment, pathWithQuery, urlWithoutFilename to urlParse.
  • Fixed async file append mode on mac.
  • Fixed UrlFix macro does not fix triple slashes or double backslashes.
  • Fixed bug - Selecting C: from Browse for Location when starting from UserAppData deletes everything in C:\Users\
  • Don't require the presence of Accept-Ranges header when 206 response sent.
  • Change analytics extend to be extended to all events that have not been sent.
  • Fixed TLS1 memory and error bugs related to client certificates.
  • Fixed directory copy attribute bug when recursion not set.


  • Added support for GZIP compression to datastore.
  • Print all information to debug log for IE when calling console.error.
  • Fixed getTitle returning encoded html entities on Windows only.
  • Fixed getWindowFrame always returning Resizable when Normal.
  • Fixed spritesheet not loading on windows and linux.
  • Fixed GLib-CRITICAL **: Source ID 7 was not found error on linux.
  • Fixed initial directory for browseForFolder dialog.
  • Fixed buffer functions not return false if using negative offset.
  • Return null if interop buffer functions return false.
  • Fixed abort error reading the datastore.
  • Fixed pipe.setBufferSize allows negative buffer sizes.
  • Fixed abort with proxy credentials and analytics send interval.
  • Dynamically allocate CEF redirection url for large jwt tokens.

Workflow Engine

  • Added ability to allowSkip into download task.
  • Added ability to skip writing the file timestamp the same as the server into download task.
  • Fixed aggregate task not working for reading dictionary with target argument.
  • Allow loading of lists in aggregate task as long as target is specified.
  • Fixed launcher sometimes freezes on close if shutdown called immediately after a long fileHash task.
  • Allow for early exit/cancellation in fileHash task.
  • Fixed invalid NaN progress when zero actions in queue.
  • Added notification center "notification" task.
  • Fixed source parameter not being loaded correctly in aggregate task.
  • Fixed jsonRead not running read subtask.
  • Added allowGzip option to download task.
  • Fixed fileAuthenticate incorrectly authenticates unsigned non-executable binaries.
  • Fixed occasional abort when performing xmlRead.
  • Added overwriteIfOlder and overwriteIfNewer arguments to download task.


  • All - Added system notify task.
  • All - Check if translation loaded before initializing workflow controller.
  • All - Updated jQuery to 1.12.4
  • All - Upgrade to Angular Translate 2.18.1 and reminify for older versions of IE.
  • All - Reminify ES7 shim using Google Closure Compiler for older versions of IE.
  • All - Added es5 sham for Object.defineProperty on lower versions of IE.
  • All - Fixed undefined error when using excanvas in IE8 in IE_VERSION.
  • All - Fixed initialization value for performance graph.
  • All - Allow html code in error strings.
  • Branch - Fixed showLaunchArgs option does not work when set to false.
  • Branch - Fixed DLMs loading installDirectory from settings file by default.
  • Branch - Allow single item libraries to not be in an array.
  • Downloader - Added repair button.
  • Downloader - Fixed header loading with weird text characters.
  • Launcher - Only show disk read/write speed if greater than zero.
  • Launcher - Fixed carousel controls resizing past carousel when using resizable window frame.
  • Launcher - Change full progress bar border radius so it the same as the bar.


  • Signer - Added ability to load certificate from certificate store
  • Signer - Ensure all certificates in chain are added to certificate list.
  • Signer - Fixed compatibility with anti-virus vendor Symantec who are unable to read signature that is BER encoded on Windows.
  • Builder - Fixed data store not being added properly on Linux
  • Builder - Fixed ELF sections being overwritten in certain instances on Linux.
  • Builder - Don't modify TLS segements otherwise it may create corrupt executable on Linux.

Known Issues

  • JS Function directoryCreate on existing file/dir.
  • JS Function fileCopy third argument not working as documented.
  • Wildcards not working in platform.findWindow.
  • Improvement - Attempting to release an un-scanned metafile should result in an error.
  • Colon in product name causes launcher to be unable to run with --debug argument.